Severe Weather Targets Midwest and Moves To East Coast

Residents anywhere from the Deep South to the Midwest are dealing with heavy rainfall and severe flooding today, as several states have undergone flash flooding Monday night and Tuesday morning. Residents have been stranded on roads and many roads are still impassable all over the Midwest.

Many residents are being asked to be prepared to evacuate in Gowanda, New York, as extremely heavy rain is causing water to rise on Tuesday morning. A state of emergency has been declared for Gowanda due to the heavy rain causing two creeks to flood nearby areas. Flash flood warnings have been issues for areas around Cleveland, Ohio since Monday night. Heavy rain and powerful thunderstorms have slowly moved through the suburbs and have caused major flooding. There have been many flooding complaints and traffic accidents since Monday night caused directly by the weather.

A meteorologist from stated that the radar predicted rainfall that would exceed 2 inches over a very short period of time. This large cell of rain extended from northern Lorain County into western Cuyahoga, Medina, and Summit Counties as well. On Monday night, several roads in northern Ohio were closed off due to high standing water. Other areas have urged drivers to stay off the roads with the exception of emergencies. Many police officers still had to deal with some residents that did not heed their warnings.

Basement flooding was a main issue in parts of Wisconsin and northern Illinois, due to very heavy rains that caused flooding to homes and roadways. In the South, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma all reported flash flooding on Monday night as heavy rainfall hauled water into buildings and stranded many drivers on flooded roadways. In Dallas, Texas, thousands of residents lost power on Monday afternoon. A severe weather cell moved through the Dallas area, and many parts of the city experienced damaging winds, hail, and lightening, but rainfall did not cause massive flash flooding. The flood reports that did come in were relatively minor.

Flash flooding and heavy rainfall in general was a bigger problem in areas like San Antonio and Houston. The lower levels of Interstate 35 had to be shut down in San Antonio as the water level rose. Several roads in New Braunfels were closed and had to be barricaded due to extreme flood issues. The flooding became quite dangerous in Houston on Tuesday morning as steady and heavy rainfall began to threaten the rush hour commuters. Firefighters began assisting many stranded residents in the Conroe area which is north of the Houston area. As of now there are no road closures, yet there are many lane closures due to the flooding concerns and issues. Authorities in Houston are telling residents to drive with caution and avoid roadways that are overrun with water.

Stay tuned to your local weather authority or the Weather Channel for any updates on the forecast in your area.

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